What’s this all about?!

The most beautiful voice in the world

Okay already. I started. I made a website and I blogged. I created a twitter and I tweeted. Now what’s this all about?

First, I want to learn to and love to write again. I started journals at a pretty young age and have continued that habit off and on. I had a pretty long running anonymous blog and loved that interaction. It was well read and pretty popular off and on.

And then… I started a doctoral program. Note the word “started.” I actually spent about seven years in that program. I was admitted to candidacy, successfully completed all my courses (ABD), and went through dozens of drafts of my dissertation. Bottom line: I thought my research was interesting and good and my writing was marginal. My major professor disagreed. She thought my research was boring and didn’t care about it and thought my writing sucked. After seven years, I bailed. I took a Specialist degree and walked away. It is quite literally the only thing I’ve ever started that I didn’t finish. It is also what I will always consider my greatest failure. Yeah, yeah. I know.

Now, with a year of reflection on that I’ve decided my major professor and I were both wrong. I firmly believe now that my research was valuable, important and worthy and my writing didn’t suck. I’m not bitter. I’m better. I still struggle. I lost confidence. I lost my voice briefly. I’m ready to pick myself back up though. I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to believe in myself again.

Beyond all that, I find myself wanting a place where I can express myself a bit more openly than my personal book of face account and with more characters than a tweet, even though I did make a tweet. Calm down. I know. This isn’t social media. I won’t confuse the two.

So what are we doing here? It’s still developing. Here’s some things I think I’ll explore here:

  • Some personal work, like the year of writing things you’ll see here
  • Feminist ranting
  • Whining about how much I miss/love/don’t understand my grown up children
  • Cries for help with my aging parents
  • Maybe some book reviews
  • Who knows what else

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