• Have you ever posted a positive image or quote on social media? What made it special to you?

I chronically share stuff on social media that inspires me, makes me laugh or I find interesting. It think at my core I want to educate or help people and that’s why I share. I’m not sure my sharing is always taken that way, especially controversial or political stuff.

  • How do you feel like you contribute to the world through your vocation?

I do like the “help people” part of my job but I also like the “service” part of my job. Working in higher education is a calling and I am called to do that. I tried corporate for a few years, but didn’t connect as much to the mission as I do in higher education.

  • Have you ever donated money or time to a cause? What feelings prompted you to do so?

I mostly think acts of service and donation should be done quietly and without recognition. That said, I worked and help raise a decent amount of money for Relay for Life. Age and time has changed my mind a bit about that, but I don’t begrudge the effort I gave it.

  • Have you ever performed a random act of kindness?

If you have a brag about it, it isn’t a random act.

  • How do you contribute to your family or friend group on a regular basis?

The more of these questions I read and answer, the less I like them.

  • How would you like to live your life with the idea that you’re setting an example for others as you do so? Would you do anything differently?

I hope that I do live my life that way. A large part of my life, the last 24 years or so, I’ve tried to set an example for my children. I’m not perfect. I fail. But my intention is to always be a good human.

  • Is there a meaningful giving experience you’d like to plan for in the future? Write about it.

This is an interesting thought. I’m not sure. I’m a bit put out with big organized charities these days, but it raises the thought of what could I do on my own or with my family or a small, organized group.

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