• Think of a relationship in your past (family, romantic, friendship, professional, etc.) How would your life be different without that connection? Tell a story of this connection.

I think every relationship important and has meaning. Regardless if you’ve known someone a long time, or just met, those people have an effect on you – good and bad.

  • Is there a relationship you spent “too long” in? What made you keep trying?

In general, I stay in all relationships forever. That’s weird. I can’t think of one relationship I’ve actually walked away from. This is good and bad. I don’t believe in burning bridges, which is probably good, but I also let people abuse (maybe not the right word) me for far too long. What’s really interesting is that I *think* I’m leaving things open but often I disappear in my communication from really almost anyone. There’s gotta be something deep going on there. So maybe I don’t stay in relationships forever. Maybe I just abandon them. I should think about this more.

  • What about work relationships? Can you create more connections there?

My work relationships now are just that – work relationships. This is new to me in this and my last job. My job before those was 12 years at one place. I build relationships there that are true friendships that remain today, outside of work. I’m not sure that can happen now. One, I work 100% remotely now. Relationships like that are hard enough to build in person but seemingly impossible now. That said, I’m not sure I’d even want to anymore. It seems to be much “safer” to keep work and personal separate. Maybe I’ll change my mind on this again though.

  • If you are on social media, does it make you feel more or less connected to people (there are no wrong answers here, everyone is different)? Why do you think this is?

I am on social media. I engage most in Facebook (the book of face) and I do mostly enjoy it. I love seeing/reading old friends and keeping up with what they’re doing. I have to balance that at time with the politics. I do wish I didn’t know some things about some people but through the last election cycle I mostly unfollowed and hid those folks. I am conflicted by what I think are the benefits of different opinions and the heartache from it.


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