• Look around at your belongings until you find something that sparks a strong memory (a family heirloom, a phone that delivered unexpected news, a piece of clothing that you purchased for a special night). Tell the story.

I’m actually not much for “stuff.” I’m sure it traces back to the fact that our house burned when I was 7 and everything was lost. Every. Thing. I’d say the most special things I have now are gifts from or memories with my children. My office is now in my oldest’s old bedroom. Daily I’m reminded of times when my girls were small. Closest to me right now are an elephant picture the girls gave me several years ago and the cutest little elephant candles my youngest gave me for my birthday this year. The memories are way more important than the “stuff.”

  • What was your most prized possession as a kid? Why did you love it?
  • What is your most prized possession now? Why is it so special?

It’s funny. I don’t remember having a prized possession as a kid and I don’t think I have one now.

  • If your residence were on fire, what would you make sure not to leave behind?

My dog. Duh. I’d probably try to grab pictures.


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