How Others See You

  • Do you prefer to present a “highlight reel” on your social media accounts, or are you more neutral? Why?

It depends. I think I go through cycles. At times I tell way too much and then I disappear for a while. I think this is probably a good indication of how bad I am at boundaries.

  • Do people sometimes seem to misread your intentions? If so, why do you think that might be?

Now how would I know? I often feel misunderstood, which I guess is at least related to this question. To be more specific, I think my intentions are mostly always good, seeking to find peace or offer help, but I don’t think people always know that.

  • What makes a person look interesting in your eyes? How about success?

I think literally everyone is interesting. I love hearing other’s stories and usually ask a lot of questions when I meet someone new. While I am interested in learning about others’ success, I’m probably even more interested in so much more. I want to know what people try and doesn’t work, what they learn, who has influenced them, what they believe. It is all so fascinating to me.

  • How awesome are you? Serious question! List all the things, big and small, that you love about yourself. Note: try not to make this about what you’ve attained or achieved. Think about it more in terms of traits (confidence, wisdom, kindness, a certain chill factor, etc.)

I think I’m pretty cool. I wouldn’t say awesome. Of course I see way more of my losses than of my wins, but I do love things about myself.

  • I never meet a stranger. I can talk to anyone about anything.
  • I’m a good mom. I’ve always put my kids first and I pretty sure they know they can count of me no matter what.
  • I’m a good problem solver. In crisis and stress, my brain immediately kicks in. Emotions come later.
  • I’m open and kind.
  • I’m a great judge of character, which can be annoying, especially when other people are enamored with someone but I know how it’s gonna turn out. Seriously, I’m never wrong.


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