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Ok, I’m stepping out. I’m going to start trying to post unprompted things in addition to my year of discovery stuff. I’m traveling next week and I want to talk about that here. I might even share the blog with my book of face contacts. We’ll see. It’s a big step sharing my thoughts, but … Continue reading Anxiety

How Others See You

Do you prefer to present a “highlight reel” on your social media accounts, or are you more neutral? Why? It depends. I think I go through cycles. At times I tell way too much and then I disappear for a while. I think this is probably a good indication of how bad I am at … Continue reading How Others See You


Look around at your belongings until you find something that sparks a strong memory (a family heirloom, a phone that delivered unexpected news, a piece of clothing that you purchased for a special night). Tell the story. I’m actually not much for “stuff.” I’m sure it traces back to the fact that our house burned … Continue reading Belongings


I’m on vacation so this is a good prompt. Honestly, the other topics from the year of exploration are wearing me down. I think that might say something about how closed off I am, even though I pretend I’m not. Did you have a special place that you often went to as a kid? This … Continue reading Places


Think of a relationship in your past (family, romantic, friendship, professional, etc.) How would your life be different without that connection? Tell a story of this connection. I think every relationship important and has meaning. Regardless if you’ve known someone a long time, or just met, those people have an effect on you – good … Continue reading Connections

Fresh Start

Recall a time in your life when you made a fresh start. How did your life change? There have been a lot of “transitions,” but I’m not sure there’s ever been a complete fresh start. While some things change, many others remain the same. I’ve been married for nearly 30 years. I’ve lived in the … Continue reading Fresh Start

Grief and Loss

I avoid things. I have full on avoided this post for over 2 weeks after I swore I’d write at least every week. It’s time though. April 2nd was the 1st anniversary of my mother’s death. This year has been like no other. I know so many people lost loved ones this year. Covid. It’s … Continue reading Grief and Loss

definition of feminism

Women’s History

I’m a feminist. It says it in my title. I wholeheartedly believe everyone should be a feminist. I mean who doesn’t think we should have equal rights and opportunities?! Frankly, I didn’t. It took me a while to get here and saying that literally breaks my heart. I have a vivid memory of sitting at … Continue reading Women’s History


Have you ever posted a positive image or quote on social media? What made it special to you? I chronically share stuff on social media that inspires me, makes me laugh or I find interesting. It think at my core I want to educate or help people and that’s why I share. I’m not sure … Continue reading Contribution


I’m doing it again. That thing, where I commit to write and then I fall off the wagon. I’m trying. The last week has chewed me up and spit me out. Between just generally not feeling well, more shootings, one in my town with racial overtones (that some people refuse to acknowledge) and then some … Continue reading Struggling


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