• Think of a relationship in your past (family, romantic, friendship, professional, etc.) How would your life be different without that connection? Tell a story of this connection.

I think every relationship important and has meaning. Regardless if you’ve known someone a long time, or just met, those people have an effect on you – good and bad.

  • Is there a relationship you spent “too long” in? What made you keep trying?

In general, I stay in all relationships forever. That’s weird. I can’t think of one relationship I’ve actually walked away from. This is good and bad. I don’t believe in burning bridges, which is probably good, but I also let people abuse (maybe not the right word) me for far too long. What’s really interesting is that I *think* I’m leaving things open but often I disappear in my communication from really almost anyone. There’s gotta be something deep going on there. So maybe I don’t stay in relationships forever. Maybe I just abandon them. I should think about this more.

  • What about work relationships? Can you create more connections there?

My work relationships now are just that – work relationships. This is new to me in this and my last job. My job before those was 12 years at one place. I build relationships there that are true friendships that remain today, outside of work. I’m not sure that can happen now. One, I work 100% remotely now. Relationships like that are hard enough to build in person but seemingly impossible now. That said, I’m not sure I’d even want to anymore. It seems to be much “safer” to keep work and personal separate. Maybe I’ll change my mind on this again though.

  • If you are on social media, does it make you feel more or less connected to people (there are no wrong answers here, everyone is different)? Why do you think this is?

I am on social media. I engage most in Facebook (the book of face) and I do mostly enjoy it. I love seeing/reading old friends and keeping up with what they’re doing. I have to balance that at time with the politics. I do wish I didn’t know some things about some people but through the last election cycle I mostly unfollowed and hid those folks. I am conflicted by what I think are the benefits of different opinions and the heartache from it.


Women’s History

I’m a feminist. It says it in my title. I wholeheartedly believe everyone should be a feminist. I mean who doesn’t think we should have equal rights and opportunities?!

Frankly, I didn’t. It took me a while to get here and saying that literally breaks my heart.

I have a vivid memory of sitting at the table over a meal with my in laws. We were discussing women in politics. I do not remember the year, but I’m thinking it was early 90s . The subject of a woman as president came up and I remember saying out loud “I don’t think a woman should ever be president. We’re just too emotional.” Everyone at the table agreed. I believed what I said. I lived it.

I was raised to believe those words. My conservative Christian family believed that men were the “head of the household” and that women were put on earth to serve man. My father worked. My mother stayed home and took care of the house. In fact, my father repeatedly told the story of how my mother quit college when they got married because “no married women needs to go to school.” My mother is gone now, but I know, without a doubt, that not completing college was probably her greatest regret. She didn’t know though.

Maya Angelou said “When you know better, do better.” Let’s do better.

And THAT is why Women’s History month is important. That is why we have to keep talking about it and educating others. I did a post on my personal Facebook every day about Women’s History. It was met with all sorts of reactions, mostly positive though as I think I’ve weeded through the haters in recent years. I’m amazed at people that don’t realize the severity of pay disparity. I still have to convince people about the in equality and lack of women in the technology world. We still have so much work to do.

I started this blog for many reasons. I want to explore writing again. I also want a place where I can be authentically me. Feminist ideas and writing and education is a big part of that. I’m yet to flesh out how that will work, but I will get there.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


This is the exercise on Work. I didn’t finish it but I’m posting as a record. It is a good exercise and does inspire quite a few stories. Maybe I’ll come back to this at some point.

  • List as many past jobs that you’ve held as you can think of.

1988-1990 – Clerical at Family Physician’s office
1990-1991 – Macy’s Credit Department
1991 – The Commercial Bank
1991-2000 – Carrollton Federal Bank
2000-2004 – Stay Home Mom
2003-2004 – West Central Technical College
2004-2016 – University of West Georgia
2016-2018 – Amtrak
2018-Present – Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Are there any particularly funny, horrifying, or heartwarming moments you strongly remember from any (or all) of them? Jot some of your favorites down.

I thought I wanted to be a doctor until I managed to get thrown up on one day at the doctor’s office. Watching someone getting stitched for a chainsaw cut didn’t bother me at all, but the vomit did.

The best story from Macy’s was the Christmas Eve another lady and I were locked in after closing. The credit department was the last to leave and security forgot about us. They locked up and set the alarm and left. We had to set off the alarm to get someone back there to let us out.

Working at the bank feels like a big chunk of my life, even though now I’ve been in higher ed much longer. I learned so much banking though about work and leadership and learning. There are so many stories and memories with the amazing people I got to work with and opportunities I was given. I wouldn’t know where to start.

  • Are you currently fulfilled at work? If so, why or why not?

Mostly, yes. I always want more and appreciate the extras I get to do like conferences and committees. I’m also ever aware of retirement approaching and I want to push to get my salary to a higher level for those purposes.

  • What is the best job that you’ve ever had? Why do you think you liked it?

I have had “best job” experiences at all the jobs I’ve been blessed with. I wouldn’t pick one necessarily. I’ve learned and had exceptional experiences everywhere. That said, the job I have right now is the best one right now. I am incredibly blessed. I am a part of the best team I’ve ever been on. My team is smart and fun. I get to do all kinds of cool things. I have great flexibility (which I love) AND I get to work from home full time.

  • What is the worst job you’ve ever had? Why did you take it (or stay longer than you wanted)?

Just like above, there have been low points in every job. Most of them had to do with bad leadership and/or circumstances. I made the best of every situation I could and I always stay too long. Mostly, I have hope that things will get better, but I also stayed too long for benefits at one place.

  • Does a part-time or full-time position suit you better? Why?

Oh definitely full time. Idle hands are not good for me at all. I like to stay busy.

  • What are your work values? Think of values that bring you emotional fulfillment (being challenged, helping others, influence, etc.) as well as external things that you value (high earnings, job security, having adequate time away from work, etc.)

  • What is your dream job?

  • What if you thought of your work as a calling instead of a grind (even if just for now)?

  • Are the internal values more or less important than the external things you receive?

  • Do you feel like you need to work toward a change in your career or vocation? Why?
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